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Our Designs

All of our designs are available on many different t-shirts in many colors as well as on tea towels, bags, or hats. If you don't see it on our etsy shop just send us an email and we will reach out to let you know what options we have available for you.

The Trinity

We live just one mile from the Trinity River, it felt just right to do a Trinity River design. The eagle watches the fish from atop a tree as the river flows through the mountains.


Humboldt County

A county close to home, diverse in natural beauty.


Poppy Honey Bee

We keep bees on our farm and love to see them buzzing around through the blossoms come spring. We wanted to create a design to print in honor of them.


Trinity County

Our home and home to ZingBee T.



A happy Summer flower. We love growing and making bouquets with sunflowers that volunteer each year on the farm.



It felt like a good veggie to

draw and relatable to most farmers and veggie lovers of this region.


Mountain Lion

These strong and beautiful creatures are to be admired from a distance, reminding us of the bold wildness of Northern California.


Tea Towels

Most of our designs are offered on Tea Towels, perfect as an aesthetic for the kitchen and also useful.



Inspired by the Red Shoulder Hawks we see and hear on our farm and in this area.



One of our first designs. Inspired by the impressive and powerful wildlife of the Pacific Ocean.

IMG_2351 2.jpg

Blossom Tree

This one was a delight to draw. Posted up outside on a sunny spring day bees buzzing on the blossoms. A combination of a peach and an apple tree just coming into bloom and a wild beehive on the back. The blossoms near the hive are just starting to pop, as it wraps around the front the blossoms progressively open to full bloom and little honey bees are enjoying gathering pollen.


Steelhead Fish

In honor of these amazing swimmers who make it down river to the ocean and if they are lucky all the way back to their headwaters. If we are lucky we see a few popping up to catch a fly along the Trinity River.



Inspired by the little

walnuts planted by the squirrels. The baby shoots popping up all around are a nuisance and also very cute.



We love growing garlic,

braiding it for display, eating it fresh and cooked. This design depicts its stages of growth.



Our designs are transformed into a smaller size and heat pressed onto a variety of hats here in our studio. We also have an embroidered option of the Poppy design, the embroidery is done locally just 5 miles from our studio.


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